The coveted dimple; Webster defines it as “a small depression in the flesh, either one that exists permanently or one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles.” The ones we like are definitely by some cheeks, but not the ones on your face. In our opinion, one of the sexiest things a girl can have is those dimples on their lower back.

So, for your (and our) viewing pleasure, here is an entire gallery dedicated to hot girls with even sexier butt/back dimples. Enjoy!

Wherever this girl is going, I will follow. Even if it’s into the ocean. I will follow those dimples to the moon and back! Whoever is holding that girl’s hand is one lucky guy…or girl. The brown bikini matching her brown hair glistening in the wind really brings the picture together.

This girl is a combination of our favorite things. Long curly blonde hair? Check. Tattoos? Check. Body that would turn a questioning gay guy straight? Check. PIERCED back dimples? Checkity check check. Plus that booty? You can just tell she’s worked hard on it.

This girl might be looking off into the distance at one of the most magical sights on earth and all we would care about is those imprints in her back. We also especially adore her fishtail braid that fades from brunette to blonde. That just means she can be serious but also knows how to have fun.

Do you ever wonder how the basic heart got its shape? It doesn’t look anything like an anatomical heart and to be honest; we don’t know the real answer. However, we believe that it was heavily influenced by this view of a girl’s bum…wouldn’t you agree? We just wish the shape also included the dimples.

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